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Do homemade dog treat recipes intrigue you? Did you ever lie awake at night, thinking about dog treats? Worrying about the ingredients in your pet’s food and snacks?

You may not be quite as nutty as me—but I’ll bet that you ARE particular about the food and treats that you serve your #1 dog! And I’ll bet you even pamper her a little!

Skipper, my favorite little taste-tester
when she was a little puppy.

Skipper the taste-tester for Best Dog Treat Recipes.com

There’s a very good reason for that. Most of us think of our pets as being children. We want to know that the food and treats we feed them, are safe and healthy.

Your dog will live longer and you will be able to enjoy more years together, if you feed her healthier foods!

Baking your own homemade dog treats will guarantee that you know exactly what your canine friend is eating.

Fortunately, that’s really easy to do!

And whether you are baking homemade dog cookies with your kids or grandkids, or it’s just you and your dog, you will discover that making your dog's favorite homemade dog treat is lots of FUN!

And you’re going to LOVE the enthusiasm that your dog displays, when she smells her favorite cookies baking in the oven!

Bake Yummy Homemade Dog Treats!

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Natural Pet Bakery
A Testing Ground for Treats

My name is Linda and this is Skipper, my miniature schnauzer, and #1 Taste Tester for our business, Natural Pet Bakery.

Skipper and I retired a few years ago, and now we just bake homemade dog treats for fun!

During our bakery years, we spent a lot of time developing and refining recipes-–for treats that were both nutritious and tasty.

Treats that used only SAFE dog food ingredients!

And we would like to share them with you!

All Natural Dog Treats

I’ve been a "health food nut" since the 1960s. That’s why Skipper and I chose wholesome, natural ingredients for our canine treats, and did NOT include chemical preservatives or harmful ingredients in any of our recipes.

You can be sure that our dog treats are:

  • Safe for your dog - each and every recipe includes only human grade ingredients. And only those human grade ingredients that are SAFE for dogs--because many human foods can actually HURT your dog...
  • Vet approved - In addition, we have 2 very good veterinarians in our family. I guess you could say that I wouldn’t DARE include ingredients that could be harmful to dogs in my treats. Needless to say, my recipes are all veterinarian approved.

    In fact, I wouldn’t give anything to Skipper that I wouldn’t serve to my husband, Steve. They are great pals, and Steve and Skipper sometimes taste-test together.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Over time, we created an awesome selection of healthy bakery dog treats at Natural Pet Bakery.

Of course they were all taste-tested by our panel of "experts", to find the ones that were a WOW--and those that weren’t.

Skipper thinks that taste testing is fun!

The Best Dog Treats

The best ones have had some great reactions:

  • Christmas 2011, Beacon, from the Greatest American Dog show, and her partner in crime, Bentley knocked down the gate that kept them in the kitchen during the daytime—and opened their Christmas dog treats, that were wrapped and under the tree. There was no sign of the missing treats when their pet parents came home…
  • Annie, the pet child of a friend, almost knocks the mailman down each year, when she realizes (She must smell them.) that her Christmas dog treats have arrived…
  • WOW! We were both blown away by it (the box of treats)…me from an aesthetic standpoint and Biscuit from a taste standpoint! They are truly amazing! And she LOVES them. I can’t wait until she deserves another one, so I can give it to her and watch her enjoy! She loves everything she has tasted. I need to photograph the artistic ones—before she eats them! - David K., Sparta, NJ

The Worst...

Were all of our dog cookies and biscuits a hit? Absolutely not! In fact, there were some REAL DOGS (so to speak).

Perhaps the worst of all was a treat that I named, "Shoo Fly Pie". It was named after the Pennsylvania Amish pie that has such a lovely molasses flavor. And I figured that it just had to be a hit!

Let’s just say that, even though I thought the idea was great, NONE of the dogs liked it! So the recipe was trashed.

There’s no need for you to experience failure. I’ve only given you the best of my dog treat recipes!

The ones that people all over the country voted for with their wallets—the recipes that were a "hit" in our bakery. And the tastiest treats that we have developed recently…

Join the FUN…

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and join us for a bit. I’m hoping that you’ll have as much fun as Skipper and I do, when we’re baking a new batch of homemade dog cookies.

Of course, there’s no time like the present. So use the buttons on the left, or the thumbnails above, to start exploring my homemade dog treat recipes…

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