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About Me and Skipper

When I visit a new website, I often like to know a little about the person who writes it. For me, it’s almost like getting to know a new friend

So, here goes…

Birth of Natural Pet Bakery

My name is Linda Brinser. I started baking dog treats years ago—before Skipper was born—when my husband and I had a miniature schnauzer whose name was Pepper.

Baking homemade dog treats for fun, soon became a passion. And, one thing led to another, and pretty soon I was making plans for starting my own dog bakery business, Natural Pet Bakery.

Pepper and I experimented and baked a LOT of treats for our dog bakery business, and we used only the best dog treat recipes—the ones that were healthy, and the ones that Pepper and her friends liked best!

Pepper was my very first taste-tester, and she did a fine job, at that. She is gone now, but not forgotten.

Skipper and me, enjoying a nice sunny afternoon on our porch.

Skipper and Linda from Best Dog Treat Recipes.com


Skipper is also a miniature schnauzer, although you might not know that, if you looked at her. She hates to be groomed, so we often let her have a more casual, natural look. Since she is not a show dog, this works out just fine—for everyone!

Skipper was born in 2007, and she has enjoyed her position as chief taste-tester and baking companion, since she was a little puppy.

Skipper is an active dog who loves to run, play and climb hills near our home. She has lots of energy and needs dog treats that help keep her energy levels high!

Skipper has been a great helper in the kitchen. Somehow she always knows when dog treats are going into the oven, and she’s always standing by, when they come out of the oven!

Our Gift to You

We’ve had so much fun making dog treats, that we want to share our experiences with you. I’ve included the best dog treat recipes that we’ve created over the years. And I also include tips and hints on how to make homemade dog treats easier!

Most of the recipes use common ingredients that you may already have on hand in your kitchen. However, I’ve also used some super healthy dog treat ingredients that you may have to purchase, but they will help your dog to be healthier.

I keep experimenting with new dog recipes, ones that will help keep Skipper healthy and prolong her life with us. And, as I create good ones, I’ll pass them on to you...

I’ve found that making homemade dog treats can save money, in addition to the comfort of knowing that your dog is getting safe and healthy dog treats.

Make sure you try my dog dental treats, charcoal dog biscuits, canine flatulence Gas Busters and dog bad breath treats! These are among my specialty treats that will help you keep your dog healthy, happy and smelling great!

Enjoy the recipes, and let us know what you think!

Skipper and Linda

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