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Bakery Dog Treats Cookbook Collection

This bakery dog treats cookbook collection features dog treat recipes from successful dog bakeries like the famous Three Dog Bakery.

Using these dog food and treat recipes, you can benefit from the experience of others, who made and sold their own dog treat bakery specialties!

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 Three Dog Bakery Cookbook: Over 50 Recipes for All-Natural Treats for Your Dog

Three Dog Bakery Cookbook: Over 50 Recipes for All-Natural Treats for Your Dog

The authors weave lots of cute stories and fun comments throughout the book, so it's lots of fun to read, in addition to providing some great recipes from their Three Dog Bakery business. The book was written in 1998, and so a couple of the more recent findings about unhealthy foods for dogs were not known then. Here's how you can use this great recipe book and get around those ingredients. First, just leave onions and garlic out of any recipe. You won't even have to substitute another ingredient. Secondly, substitute dried cranberries or blueberries for the raisins listed in any recipe. That's it! I definitely would not discount this great recipe book because of those few ingredients. Do the above and you'll have some great natural (and healthy) recipes that your dog will love!
 Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way

Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way

Authors Mark Beckloff and Dan Dye have given us another top rate dog treat cookbook in their Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way cookbook. With over 30 bakeries, and taste-testers around the world, the authors have given us some top rated dog treat recipes to make for our dogs. You'll find the ingredients in your grocery or in your pantry and the recipes are easy enough for most beginning cooks.
 Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale

Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale

Gracie is the dog who inspired the creation of Three Dog Bakery, perhaps the most famous dog bakery of all... Gracie was a deaf and partially blind albino (with a sensitive stomach) Great Dane dog who was adopted by Dan Dye. Dan was mourning the loss of his last dog and he was working in a job that was unrewarding and going nowhere. Gracie was the shelter dog that no one else wanted. Amazing Gracie is an amazing book--a true story that is incredible, at many levels! And, while it is not a dog treat or dog food recipe book, I have included it here, for inspiration!


This cute book was created by Stephanie Mehanna of the all-natural dog treat company Canine Cookie Company bakery located in McKinney Texas. I think you'll find it to be one of the best. Many of the recipes use organic ingredients, and you'll find quite a few recipes for special occasions and dog parties. And you'll find that there are recipes that were written for dogs on a special diet or for dogs with allergies.
 The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit

The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit

This kit (cookbook and cookie cutters) for dog biscuits is produced by the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company located outside New York City. Founded by national pet pastry chefs Jessica and Eric Talley in 2006, the bakery produces preservative-free dog treats; made with organic and natural ingredients. The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit includes 25 recipes and 3 cookie cutters to get you started.
 Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook (April 1, 2014 Revised Edition): Over 100 Tail-Wagging Treats

Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook (April 1, 2014 Revised Edition): Over 100 Tail-Wagging Treats

With over 100 recipes from the founders of Bubba Rose Biscuit Company, this new edition will be sure to please. In their New Jersey bakery, Bubba Rose produces healthy treats using only human-grade US sourced ingredients. Those treats are currently sold in over 950 locations across the country and abroad. The authors bring this same philosophy, which is just what every pet parent wants, to the recipes included in this cookbook. Now you can make those treats in your own kitchen.

Dog Bakery Cookbooks

When you think of dog bakery cookbooks, you probably automatically think of the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook. And rightly so!

Three Dog Bakery was one of the first dog bakeries and it is still one of the most successful dog bakeries ever started. Three Dog Bakery ended up with 32 dog bakeries, in addition to their many mall store fronts. And they have a huge following of dog treat lovers!

But there are other successful dog bakeries, as well. And I’ve included those dog bakery cookbooks that I think are the best.

Use a bakery dog treats cookbook
to make yummy treats for your dog!

Bakery dog treats cookbook collection

Sometimes you’ll have to leave an ingredient like garlic out of a recipe. Or you might have to substitute craisins (dried cranberries) for raisins ( which will cause kidney damage in dogs) in a recipe that was written before we knew that those ingredients are dangerous to dogs.

But, in the end, you’ll find that recipes that were successfully used by dog bakeries, will be among your dog’s favorite dog treat recipes.

After all, they were all taste tested and approved by discriminating dogs who brought repeat business to the bakeries—when the dog treats were good!

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