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Dog Bakery Business Flyers

Dog bakery business flyers are an inexpensive way to market your dog bakery business.

Flyers provide more details about your dog treats and your business than most other advertising methods.

However, flyers are just one way to market your products, and they should not be used exclusively, as your only way to advertise.

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Advertising flyers have the advantage of being relatively cheap, but you should be aware that, for the most part, they are not read thoroughly, or they may be thrown away, without even a glance.

How to Get Noticed

Of course, if you make your flyer really interesting, colorful and cute—you will find that more of them are opened, read and saved.

One of the best ways to use flyers in your pet bakery business, is to announce the Grand Opening of your business.

People do pay attention to the opening of a new business, and this is your chance to capture the interest of all those future customers…

Dog bakery business flyers tell
people who you are and what you do.

Dog bakery business flyers can tell customers about your business.

Bakery Business Flyers that Work

You can get a lot of mileage out of inexpensive flyers. And there are a couple of types that you might use.

Tear-off flyers - You can make these flyers on your computer, yourself. People often use them to sell an item (like a boat) or to advertise their services (like lawn care). These flyers have little tear-offs that have contact information on them. If you are interested in the item or service, you can tear one off and take it home.

The disadvantage to using tear-off flyers is that, while it is easy to take one of the tear-offs, it is just as easy to lose it after you put it in your pocket or purse.

Tear-offs can look amateurish and do not instill the confidence that a professionally printed flyer does--especially if you design one on your home computer. You are starting a REAL business, and you want to have a professional appearance.

Professionally printed flyers - You can design your own flyers, or you can enlist the services of a printer who designs them all the time. Usually a printer will help you design your flyer, without additional costs.

If you have a logo, make sure you use it on your brochures. A logo will help you build your Brand, and help customers recognize your dog bakery.

Check and double check, to make sure that you have good contact information, hours of business and all the details that you want your customers to know. Once the flyers are printed, it’s too late to add or change anything.

How to Distribute Your Business Flyers

So, you have a stack of great dog bakery flyers. How do you get them into the hands of your future customers? Here are some ways to distribute the flyers:

  1. Place a business flyer in your customers’ bags when they buy dog treats.
  2. Have your bakery flyers available, on the counter of your shop.
  3. Keep a supply of your flyers or brochures in the car and place some on bulletin boards at:

    • gas stations
    • grocery stores
    • small local stores
    • pet stores
    • your beauty shop
    • pet groomer
    • veterinarian
    • dog wash
    • WalMart

  4. Inserts in the Newspaper - You might consider paying your local newspaper to insert a flyer in the Sunday paper for your Grand Opening, or make a deal with grocery stores or WalMart to slip one into each customer’s bag. This could get expensive, so you might just use this strategy for special occasions or big deal promotions!

Using business flyers can be an effective way to tell the public about your business. However, this is only one of the many ways to market your dog treats.

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