Homemade Dog Treats

Nothing but the BEST Dog Treats for YOUR Dog!

Do recipes for homemade dog treats intrigue you? Did you ever lie awake at night, thinking about dog treats?  Worrying about the ingredients in your pet’s food and snacks?

You may not be quite as nutty as me—but I’ll bet that you ARE particular about the food and treats that you serve your #1 dog! And I’ll bet you even pamper her a little!

Skipper, my favorite taste tester for my homemade dog treats recipes.This is Skipper on her first Christmas. She is my favorite test taster, even now when she is 11 years old.

There’s a very good reason for that. Most of us think of our pets as being children. We want to know that the food and treats we feed them, are safe and healthy.

Your dog will live longer and you will be able to enjoy more years together, if you feed her healthier foods!

Baking your own homemade dog treats will guarantee that you know exactly what your canine friend is eating.

Fortunately, that’s really easy to do!

And whether you are baking homemade dog cookies with your kids or grandkids, or it’s just you and your dog, you will discover that making your dog's favorite homemade dog treat is lots of FUN!

And you’re going to LOVE the enthusiasm that your dog displays, when she smells her favorite cookies baking in the oven!

The Basics

Of course every good dog needs a nice assortment of delicious dog treats to choose from.  Homemade dog treats often have similar ingredients, but they have different shapes.  Here are the most common dog treats that your dog will come to know and love...

Dog Cookies

Just like people cookies, dog cookies come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

Dog Biscuits

Every dog needs a good supply of healthy dog biscuits that can be used as rewards or treats!

Dog Bones Homemade dog bones will round out your dog's basic dog treat menu.

Specialty Homemade Dog Treats

Special occasions always call for celebrations.  And celebrations call for special treats!  Who could possibly imagine a birthday without a cake or a Christmas holiday without some special food?  Your dog probably feels the same way.

Dog Cakes Whether you make one large dog cake or smaller individual cupcakes for your dog and his friends, your efforts will definitely be appreciated!

Holiday Dog Cookies are fun to make and decorated cookies are a great gift to give to friends', neighbors' and relatives' dogs during the festive holidays.

Gourmet Dog Treats take a bit longer to make and gourmet dog treats are a bigger challenge.  But, if you like to bake, you may just have a ball with these rewarding and fun recipes.

Natural Pet Bakery - Testing Ground for Dog Treats

My name is Linda and this is Skipper, my miniature schnauzer, and #1 Taste Tester for our business,  Natural Pet Bakery. 

Skipper and I retired a few years ago, and now we just bake homemade dog treats for fun!

During our bakery years, we spent a lot of time developing and refining recipes-–for treats that were both nutritious and tasty. 

Treats that used only SAFE dog food ingredients.  And we would like to share them with you!

Healthy Dog Treats for Your Dog

I’ve been a "health food nut" since the 1960s.  That’s why Skipper and I chose wholesome, natural ingredients for our canine treats, and did NOT include chemical preservatives or harmful ingredients in any of our recipes.  

And I also believe that it is important to give your dog the best diet possible, so that you enjoy her for as many years as possible.

You can be sue that our dog treats are:

  • Safe for your dog - each and every recipe includes only human grade ingredients.  And only those human grade ingredients that are SAFE for dogs--because many human foods can actually HURT your dog...
  • Vet approved - We have 2 very good veterinarians in our family.  I guess you could say that I wouldn’t DARE include ingredients that could be harmful to dogs in my treats. Needless to say, my recipes are all veterinarian approved. In fact, I wouldn’t give anything to Skipper that I wouldn’t serve to my husband, Steve.  They are great pals, and Steve and Skipper sometimes taste-test together.
  • Easy – Even though I’ve spent many hours baking for my dog friends, I get tired and sometimes very busy—just like you!  It’s nice to have a super easy recipe once in a while, or a dog treat mix that you can make in minutes.

Dog Cake Mix  Whether you are making a birthday cake or cup cakes for another occasion, it's great to have a dog cake mix on hand.

Dog Biscuit Mix 

A mix for biscuits can be prepared in minutes and you can shape it into any number of cookies, biscuits or bones.  This is a real time saver for busy folks.

Dog Treat Icing  Dog treat icing can make a plain dog treat into a specialty gourmet dog treat or it can be the topping on your dog's birthday party cake.  A mix makes icing super easy!

Does Your Dog Have Special Needs?

As dogs age, they often develop medical conditions that they did not have as puppies or young dogs.  As you probably know, it does become more difficult to find foods that will support your dog with special needs. 

When you understand what your dog can or can't have, you can bake dog treats for him, just like you did when he was younger. 

From time to time, I'll add a recipe to my site to help you bake safe and healthy treats for your senior or special needs dog.

Diabetic Dogs

Dogs with diabetes have many other medical problems and they are far more susceptible to medical issues than other dogs.  To keep them out of trouble, it's important to watch their diets.  Here are some recipes for dogs with diabetes.

Food Safety

There are safe foods and also toxic people foods that can harm dogs.  Knowing what to do if your dog eats chocolate or gets sick after eating something he found outside, can be really important!

Join in the Fun!

Even if you have never baked before, you can do this.  You may start with a mix and then advance to more challenging recipes.  Or you may just do it the short and sweet way, getting the job done fast with mixes.

No matter what you decide to do, I guarantee that your dog will love whatever you make her!  And, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.  I'm here to help.

Enjoy the recipes, and let us know how your dog likes them.

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