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Bark of the Town, Issue #003
September 08, 2010
Helping You Treat Your Dog Like a King (or Queen)!

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Safe Halloween Dog Costumes

With vacations over, and the kids back at school (and the dog adjusting…), Halloween is just around the corner.

Many of you are already making Halloween costumes (or shopping for them) for your dogs.

Halloween can be great fun with your dogs, whether you take them Trick or Treating, or you include them in your Halloween party.

Here are a few safety reminders—to make sure that you have a fun and safe Halloween, without incident:

  • Keep Halloween costumes for dogs simple – Most dogs are not used to wearing clothing, so your dog’s costume may be annoying or distracting for him. Or, worse yet, loose clothing could catch on furniture, bushes, etc.—and actually become a safety hazard.

  • Practice wearing the costume BEFORE Halloween – Let your dog get used to wearing his dog costume, before Halloween.

  • Dog masks – Be cautious about choosing a mask for your dog. Many dogs simply will not tolerate having a mask on their faces. Make sure your dog will be OK with this, if you want a mask for his Halloween costume.

  • Dog hats – Perhaps a dog hat, which is less frightening than a mask, would work for your dog. There are lots of cute dog hats, and you might even build your dog's costume around one.

  • Halloween treats – Be especially careful to monitor any foods that your dog eats. In the excitement of Trick or Treating, your dog could easily snatch a chocolate bar or other treat that is harmful to him.

For more safety tips, go to: Halloween Dogs’ Safety

Good News
My Long Awaited E-book
is Finally Finished!

I promised that I’d let you know when it was completed. So…here it is!

After months of working on my very first e-book, it is finally done! The e-book, Easy Recipes for Kids: Homemade Dog Treats is now ready for your viewing.

Easy Recipes for Kids, written for children (Long ago, I was an elementary teacher), is also appropriate for beginner cooks and cooks who want quick and easy dog treat recipes. (I have to admit that I use these recipes myself—because I like things to be easy, too : )

The ebook recipes are very simple and use everyday ingredients that most of you already have in your cupboard. And they’re all tested and tasted!

Please take a look, and let me know what you think! You can use it, risk free, for 90 days.

For information about Easy Recipes for Kids e-book, go to:

Easy Recipes for Kids

Have a great month.

Linda and Skipper

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