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Merry Christmas from Linda and Skipper
November 29, 2010
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Include Your Dog
In the Holiday Fun!

Now that we’re all into the swing of the holiday season, I just wanted to remind you to include your favorite friend in the festivities—your dog!

Why not take your dog’s favorite dog treat recipe and use Christmas shapes like little trees, stars or even a Santa shape?

Of course it’s fun to have your dog attend the parties and be part of the crowd, but make sure that any treats given to her are safe, as many people foods can make your dog sick.

Foods that you might consider to be safe—like walnuts (in cookies), grapes or raisins, turkey skin or garlic--are NOT safe for your dog.

And keep in mind that, what may seem like a small amount to you, is a larger portion for your dog, as he weighs a lot less than you (probably).

When you are planning your Christmas holiday party, consider how you can keep your dog safe and happy.

If she’s still a puppy and tends to run out the door when it’s opened, you might want to have her stay in a quiet room away from the activity—until everyone’s arrived and she has settled down.

Common sense rules, of course. Make sure you include your dog—and that she’s safe!

Dog Breed Gifts at a Discount

I’m getting down to the last people on my Christmas list—of course they’re always the hardest! And I found that the Dog Breed Store has quite a few discounted items, and, right now, they are also offering Free Shipping for orders over $25.

I always like their gift items for specific dog breeds, and they usually have a great selection—some breeds do have more items than others.

But, if you’re looking for that hard to find gift, you just might find it at DogBreedStore—and save money, as well!

Have a blessed Christmas!

Linda and Skipper

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