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Activated Charcoal Uses

Using Charcoal for Dogs

A number of activated charcoal uses can be applied to your family pet. And human grade charcoal is safe to give to your dog, as a supplement or in an emergency.

For example, you can use activated charcoal when your pet has eaten a poisonous substance, and it can buy you time when you need to get emergency help.

Activated Charcoal for Dog Posioning

Safely used for livestock for centuries, activated charcoal is often recommended by veterinarians for accidental poisonings of pets.

For humans, hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic, use activated charcoal for people who have ingested toxic substances. It is given to a person after his stomach has been pumped--to remove any drugs or poisons that remain.

Activated charcoal capsules or tablets
can be used in an emergency!

Activated Charcoal Capsules and Tablets

Activated charcoal can reduce up to 60% of the poisonous substances that it comes into contact with. It adheres to the toxins and pulls them quickly through the intestines, before the toxins can do harm.

If your dog has been poisoned, give him food grade activated charcoal, and take him to a vet or animal hospital immediately.

Dogs often vomit after eating something harmful. This can be a good thing. If your dog vomits, give him charcoal afterwards, to get rid of any toxins that are left in his stomach and intestines.

Activated Charcoal Uses
For Dogs

In addition to treating food poisoning, there are a number of other uses for activated charcoal, that you might not have considered:

Activated charcoal tablets or charcoal capsules can be used safely to neutralize dog bad breath, eliminate dog odor and as a tasty (yes, dogs like it) dog treat ingredient. Or, if you prefer, you can make activated charcoal dog treats to give your dog as a supplement or as a treat.

Here are some other activated charcoal uses that will help your dog:

  • Indigestion Relief - Charcoal is effective at relieving indigestion and stomach upsets, in addition to getting rid of smelly gas. And dogs readily eat charcoal when they need it. They seem to know instinctively that it is good for them.
  • Diarrhea - Activated charcoal can be used to relieve your dog’s diarrhea, and it will not cause constipation.
  • Charcoal lowers cholesterol - Even dogs can have high cholesterol. Charcoal can help keep cholesterol within healthy limits.
  • Snake bites and spider bites - You can even use a poultice made of Activated Charcoal Powder and water on a snake bite or spider bite. Mix the powder with cornstarch or oatmeal and water, until you have a thick paste. Apply to the wound and cover with a large bandage. Change frequently and use fresh charcoal powder.
  • Doggie Odors - Activated charcoal for dogs is also used routinely to eliminate animal body and breath odors.

    When you add charcoal to a dog treat recipe, the treats can be used to freshen your dog’s breath—which can sure make your life a lot nicer! This is one of those remedies that has been used for hundreds of years safely and effectively. Why argue with success?

  • Dog Poisoning - Activated charcoal is a natural blood cleanser, and it protects the liver when your dog has eaten something poisonous.

    I have used homemade charcoal dog biscuits quite a few times, when my miniature schnauzer Skipper managed to find some garbage and eat it. The charcoal definitely helped settle her stomach—and made her smell a lot better too!

These are only a few of the many time-tested activated charcoal uses. Why not keep some charcoal on hand, just in case you need to use some activated charcoal for dogs in your life…

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