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All Natural Flea Control

All natural flea control, while not easy, is still the best way to rid your dog of fleas without exposing her to harmful chemicals and sprays.

The truth is that getting rid of fleas is complicated. And you will need to consider attacking the little varmints, on many fronts…

Getting Rid of Fleas
All Natural Flea Control

If your dog has fleas, everyone in the house knows it. And fleas are not host specific—they will bite you, just as they bite your dog. So, it’s in everyone’s interest to get rid of them!

So how do you do that, without poisoning your dog and everyone else?

Here are some all natural flea control products that will help:
  • Natural flea collars - this collar is wide for comfort, and it uses natural ingredients to deter flying insects like fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes. Safer than chemical collars and Frontline or Advantage, which can be harsh on your dog’s skin.
  • Natural Flea and Tick Shampoo - If your dog has ticks or fleas, a shampoo and a bath are an effective way to get rid of them. Choose the right all natural flea control shampoo, and your pet’s skin and coat will stay healthy and shiny.

    This puppy looks like he could use
    some all natural flea control measures!

    Puppy scratching while he waits for his all natural flea control bath.

  • Natural Flea and Tick Spray for your Home - This flea and tick spray kills insects on contact. It’s a great choice when you are in an emergency situation, and you want to kill the fleas fast. I would use this along with the following all natural flea control substance…
  • Diatomaceous Earth Powder - When you have fleas in your house, you have to treat everything—your pet’s sleeping area, under your rugs, behind baseboard molding, etc.

    And the tricky part is that, you have to treat during each cycle of the fleas’ lives. The best way to do this is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth around in these areas. Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance that will kill insects at any stage of their lives.

    It is effective, inexpensive and even kills insects like roaches and bed bugs! I garden organically and I use diatomaceous earth in my garden, if I have an insect attack.

    Diatomaceous earth is safe to use around animals. In fact, it’s even safe for dogs to eat, and it is used in some preparations to kill dog parasites like worms.

  • Brewers Yeast or Nutritional Yeast - this all natural flea control product is somewhat controversial. Although it’s been used for many years, along with garlic (which I don’t recommend), some veterinarians do not think that it works as a preventative. On the other hand, many people swear by it! I’ve used it in my recipe below. Skipper likes these homemade dog treats, and she has never had a bout with fleas. Could it be the brewers’ yeast? I’ll let you decide…

Dog Flea Treat Recipe

Cookies made from this flea treat recipe

Ingredients for
Dog Flea Treats

Small Flea Chasers measure 1 ¼" across. Large Flea Chasers measure 2 ¾” across.

Directions For
Dog Flea Treats

  • Place all of the ingredients in your bread maker in the order recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Set the breadmaker to “dough”.
  • When the timer goes off, remove the dough.
  • Divide the dough into 3 parts.
  • Roll the dough into ¼ inch sheets on a floured cutting board, using a rolling pin that has been coated with flour. (Depending on the moisture in the air, you may have to add some additional flour to your dog flea treats dough—to make it easier to work with.)
  • Use cookie cutters in a shape that you think looks like “flea chasers”. The ones that are pictured were actually Halloween “spiders”.
  • Dip your cookie cutter into flour between cuts so that it doesn't stick.
  • Place the cookies on a cookie sheet that you greased or sprayed with oil.
  • Bake the cookies for 1 hour at 275 degrees F.
  • Turn off the oven and let the cookies sit in the oven overnight or for several hours to complete the drying process

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