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Anise for Dog Treats

The Catnip for Dogs

Try anise, the catnip for dogs, in your next homemade dog treats, and enjoy your pet's reaction! Aniseed (another name for it) is to dogs, like catnip is to cats. And dogs adore it!

When you include this healthy herb in your dog treat ingredients, they will have a delightful licorice-like taste--and a wonderful aroma.

All you need to do to get the delightful spicy flavor and wonderful aroma, is add just a tablespoon or two of the seeds or powder, to the healthy ingredients that you already use in your dog treat recipes.

I used this spice as a secret ingredient in many of my Natural Pet Treat Bakery recipes, because dogs almost always LOVE it!

The seeds are small and they have little "hairs"
that stick out from them.

Anise seeds are small and they have little

You can buy anise seeds here.

You’ll be amazed at how much fun your dog will have with aniseed! Skipper (our miniature schnauzer) is a testament to the attraction of this spice…

She always sniffs the baking home-made dog cookies enthusiastically, and she sits close to the stove while they are in the oven. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the dog biscuits out of the oven, because she puts her nose into the oven.

When the dog cookies are done, she makes sure that I don't forget to give her a taste! As if I could forget…

Why Use this Spice?

According to the American Pharmaceutical Association, this herb is used to clear respiratory tract congestion and coughs, aid digestion, relieve gas and stomach cramps, freshen breath, and calm nausea.

Especially if your dog tends to have indigestion, you might want to consider making some treats using the seeds and one of my healthy dog treat recipes, listed below.

You can find this wonderful spice in your local grocery store in the baking section. It's often used in baking people cookies and in many Italian recipes. Buy it in powder form or as whole seeds. If you use the powder instead of seeds, you can use the same amount as the recipe suggests.

Have fun. Experiment with this herb in your dog treat recipes. I think you will find that your dog will fall in love with the smell and the flavor--and so will you!

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