Parsley for Bad Breath in Dogs

Simple bad breath in dogs can be eliminated by using parsley and activated charcoal.

Loaded with chlorophyll, parsley has been used for centuries for human and dog breath freshening.

Ever notice that little green sprig that some restaurants use to "decorate" your plate? Yep, that's often parsley.

It's not just a garnish. The idea is for you to chew it at the end of your meal. It helps freshen your breath!

Parsley for Bad Breath in Dogs

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Parsley's nutritional value is beyond dispute. It is packed with vitamins and minerals from carotene to B vitamins and vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Parsley, in addition to its use for dog bad breath, is also noted for its diuretic properties. It can stimulate the kidneys to filter out toxins and increase urine.

This property is especially helpful when heart problems or high blood pressure are an issue.

When using parsley, make sure that you use ONLY the leaves. The seeds contain high concentrations of volatile oil, which can irritate the stomach, intestines or kidneys. Higher amounts of the seeds can cause even more dangerous conditions.

So...parsley leaves are absolutely safe and they are healthy for your dog. Using them in dog treats will help you to be closer to your dog by combating nasty dog breath.

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes
That Use Parsley

If you just want to fight doggie breath, the Charcoal Dog Biscuits are the best choice for homemade dog breath remedies, to eliminate dog breath.

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