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Dog Bakery Packaging Economy

The Right Packaging
Can Be an Investment!

Dog bakery packaging economy starts with making the right choices. Know what to look for, and how to buy it economically, before you start your dog bakery!

The bakery packaging that you use, says a lot about you and your business, to your customers. Choose your packaging carefully, to make sure that you are sending the right message…

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When choosing your dog bakery packaging, it’s important to keep a number of things in mind:

  • Cost per unit for your packaging
  • Presentation, or the image that you present
  • Your theme

Let’s look at each of these separately, to see why they are important…

Attractive bakery packaging
encourages more sales!

Attractive bakery packaging encourages more sales!

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Bakery Packaging Economy
Cost Per Item

Perhaps you are thinking that you will make more money if you keep your packaging costs down. This is true and not true…

Of course you should purchase your dog bakery packaging at the best price. Buying in bulk saves money. You want to purchase a large enough quantity to get good prices, but not be forced to buy more than you need.

Before you make your final decision on the best packaging, you should purchase a few items so that you can see the quality and how they look, before making a larger purchase. Some companies may agree to send you samples, if you ask.

But, there is more to consider, before you make a single purchase…

Your Dog Bakery Theme

While you are in the early planning stages, you should select a theme for your dog bakery. It is important to do this, as it will help you make all kinds of decisions more easily, as you go forward.

Use your dog bakery theme in all your advertising!

Photo of dog bakery sign with a dog bone on it.

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Your theme will help you develop a Brand and an image for your bakery. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Gourmet - This is a good niche in the dog bakery industry. If you will be making cute decorated dog cookies and cakes, you should have dog bakery packaging that reflects a high end product.

    Gourmet dog bakery treats should have fancier boxes, colored boxes, or white boxes (or cello bags) with printed ribbons—paw prints or bones.

    High end packaging conveys quality to the customer. And statistically, customers are willing to pay more (a lot more) for items that are packaged in expensive looking boxes or bags.

  • Fun theme - Perhaps you just love little paw prints or bones and you want to use one of those as your theme. Here’s how you could make this theme work:

    • Purchase plain white boxes and use printed ribbon with bows.
    • Use cello bags with paw prints or bones and tie with printed or plain ribbon.
    • Use plain bakery boxes and put your paw prints or bones on the label.
    • Use plain cello bags with printed ribbons.

  • Green - If your dog bakery will be featuring natural dog treats with healthy ingredients, but they will be simple down-home dog treats (without dog treat icing or frosting), you might consider using “green” packaging.

    You may find recycled packaging, or consider using brown bakery packaging. Brown packaging gives your products a simple natural, “green” look.

Your Dog Bakery Presentation

Keep your bakery packaging consistent with the type of dog treats that you will be making and with the Brand that you want to create.

If your logo or theme appears on all your advertising (including your packaging), your customers will start to recognize your bakery, without reading a word. And the more recognition you have, the more business you will have!

Presentation of your products is important. And bakery packaging economy is not just how expensive your packaging is—it’s how much money you make, for the investment that you have made!

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