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Gourmet Dog Bakery
Packaging Supplies

The very first glance of your products gives your customer a mental image of its quality and its value.

Dog bakery packaging supplies play an important part in establishing your professional dog bakery image. They tell your customers a LOT about your dog treats!

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Give Your Dog Treats a Market Advantage

For example, consider a box of Godiva chocolates vs. a Hershey bar. The exquisite packaging of the Godiva chocolates tell you that they are high quality and worth a lot—you’ll pay a lot for them, too.

Fancy dog bakery packaging supplies can make
your dog treats look high end and worth more money.

Picture of fancy red valentine box for gourmet dog treat packaging

On the other hand, a Hershey chocolate bar is commonly seen everywhere, from gas stations to your local WalMart. Its brown wrapper is familiar, and you know that you’ll pay about a dollar for one.

However, even though it may have the same amount of chocolate as the box of Godiva chocolates, you will pay many times that, for the Godiva chocolates in the fancy gold box!

Gourmet Dog Bakery Packaging

You can get as fancy as you’d like, if you are selling high end gourmet dog cookies and dog treats.

The impression that you want to give is that your dog treats are:

  • Top quality
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to make
  • Healthy ingredients
  • For special dogs
  • Not available anywhere else

Just as people will pay more for Godiva chocolates than a Hershey bar, they will pay more for high end dog treats than a box of dog treats from the grocery store.

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Paw Print Tissue Paper

Paw Print Tissue Paper

Cute little black paw prints on white tissue paper. Perfect for wrapping larger orders. Pack of 24 sheets.
 Southern Champion pink bakery boxes

Pink Bakery Boxes

Pretty pink box with locking lid. Case of 250. Each box measures 7” x 5” x 3”.
 Southern Champion Tray 0803 Pink Paperboard Non-Window Lock-Corner Bakery Box, 6

More Pink Boxes

This pink box has a rectangular shape. Case of 250. Each measures 6” x 4 ½”x 2 ¾”.
Mini-cupcake Hearts Bakery Box

Mini-cupcake Hearts Bakery Box

Pack of 3 Wilton cupcake boxes with cupcake inserts included. Perfect solution for mini cupcakes for that upcoming pet party. Each holds a dozen cupcakes.
Candy Pink Polka Dot Cupcake Boxes

Candy Pink Polka Dot Cupcake Boxes

These adorable cupcake boxes make great boxes for gift giving. Each box holds one very special cupcake. 12 boxes.
Chocolate Brown Polka Dot Cupcake Boxes

Chocolate Brown Polka Dot Cupcake Boxes

Brown cupcake boxes. Perfect size for one cupcake or an assortment of small dog treats. Clear window shows customer what they are getting. 12 boxes.
Paw Print Satin Ribbon

Paw Print Satin Ribbon

Paw print satin ribbon to add spice to your dog bakery packaging. White with black paw prints. 20 yards per spool.
Clear Plastic Bakery Containers

Clear Plastic Bakery Containers

Let your customers see your creative masterpieces with these clear plastic containers. Hinged lid that locks in place. Each box is 9 ⅜ x 6 ¾ x 2 ³⁄₁₆. Case of 300.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your bakery packaging supplies is that you should keep the look of your packaging, consistent with the kind of dog treats that you will be selling.

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Dog Bakery Packaging Economy
Dog Bakery Packaging Economy
Fun Dog Bakery Packaging
Fun Dog Bakery Packaging
Green Dog Bakery Packaging
Green Dog Bakery Packaging
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