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A dog bakery website is essential for your business, whether it is a dog bakery from your home or an online dog bakery, dealing exclusively on the internet.

Online bakeries offer opportunities to earn money online. Your small home business dog bakery can compete with large companies online, and your size gives you an advantage!

In addition, more and more, people are looking online for information about local businesses, instead of consulting the traditional yellow pages in the phone book.

Websites establish credibility, and they offer a way for you to communicate and give your future customers (and customers) information—without taking your precious time.

And a website does not have to be a time grabber for you. You can do it yourself, or you can hire someone to build your website for you. A good resource for setting up your own website is Site Build It (SBI). They offer a number of free ebooks to help you get started.

And, if you don’t have the time to start your own website, SBI can build one for you—very inexpensively. You’ll find info on having a website built for you here.

A dog bakery website is a great marketing aid
that works for you 24/7.

A dog bakery website works for you around the clock.

Get professional help
with starting your own dog bakery!

What Should Your Website Include?

Depending on whether you have an online dog bakery business or a local dog bakery business, your website should include a few basic items that people will look for:

  • Contact information – where are you located?
  • Directions - if customers will be coming to your bakery
  • Hours - You need to keep regular hours, and it’s important to let your customers know when you will be open for business. You’ll lose customers fast, if they come to your bakery, and it’s not open when they expect it to be open.
  • Info about you - If you worked at a veterinary hospital or you have 5 rescue dogs, that will be interesting to your customers. Tell them why you have an interest in baking for dogs.
  • Photos - Show pictures of your bakery shop and photos of your treats. It gives customers the feeling of familiarity with your shop.
  • Specials - If you offer a “Treat of the Week” special deal on Wednesdays, highlight that special on your bakery website.

Every small business needs a website, and a dog bakery is no exception. And, if you want your business to excel, you need to meet and beat the competition—and the most successful businesses will have websites!

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