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Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs

Probiotics for Dogs

The benefits of yogurt for dogs are many. And giving probiotics to dogs is an easy way to help keep your dogs healthy.

Giving dogs plain yogurt provides probiotics for dogs, and probiotics promote healthy dog digestion, eliminate unhealthy bacteria in the gut, and provide healthy beneficial bacteria that keep the digestive system working well.

And giving your dog a little yogurt is so simple. Just a tablespoon or two a day, can really make a difference!

Or you can use Yogurt Powder as an ingredient in healthy dog treats and as a supplement to your pet’s diet.

The benefits of yogurt for dogs are many…

Photo of yogurt, which is good for dogs.

Yogurt for Dogs
Who Have Been Sick

Yogurt is an ancient wonder food which is strongly antibacterial and anticancer.

It is often used to restore health to dogs who have been ill. For example, if your dog has recently been given antibiotics, yogurt can help to restore the healthy bacteria in his stomach and intestines, and it will boost his immunity to further infections.

Such a simple solution, but oh, so effective! Yogurt has been found to fight such nasty germs as Salmonella typhimurium and Staphyloccus aureus.

Yogurt contains lots of “friendly” or beneficial bacteria, probiotics, which keep the digestive tract working well.

Yogurt as a Dog Supplement

Supplementing your dog’s diet with a tablespoon or two of plain yogurt is inexpensive and easy. I often do this with Skipper, my miniature schnauzer. And she loves it!

There are times when probiotics or yogurt supplements should be given to your dog daily--for digestive upsets, diarrhea, deworming, after giving birth and during times of stress.

This is a totally natural and very healthy way to help your favorite dog!

Yogurt Coating
For Homemade Dog Treats

For our special occasion treats, I sometimes use a yogurt coating instead of sweeter sugary candy coatings.

This is not intended to be a healthy dog supplement. It cannot take the place of healthy plain yogurt or a probiotics supplement in your pet’s diet.

Yogurt coating should be used
only occasionally on dog treats.

Photo of tower of yogurt coating for dog treats.
Buy white yogurt coating chips at Amazon.

Commercial yogurt coating contains sugar--a reason to use it lightly when using it as an icing or frosting for dog treats.

Since dogs’ teeth are not as sensitive to sugar as ours, you can use sugar once in awhile as a treat, but it should not be a regular part of your dog’s diet.

To be on the safe side, it is best to limit sugar for your dog to very occasional use and serve your pet more nutritious ingredients for everyday treats!

On the other hand, consider supplementing your dog’s food with plain yogurt or probiotics. It’s such a simple way to help keep your dog healthy and strong!

These foods are also healthy supplements to your dog’s diet:

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Photo of yogurt coating by Jeremy Keith of Brighton & Hove, UK

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