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Canine Flatulence

Stop Dog Gas with
Gas Busters Homemade Dog Treats

Canine flatulence a problem at your house? Try this easy homemade dog treat recipe for dog biscuits to get rid of smelly flatulence and dog farts.

Our dog treat recipe will make your life a whole lot nicer! It's something you don't talk about--canine flatulence. It can ruin a party--or a Sunday afternoon movie on TV.

Dog farts (sorry if this is a bit crude) are nothing to joke about. Smelly flatulence in dogs can be downright disgusting!

Zesty Paws Flatulence Preventer is an effective remedy for dog flatulence.

What Causes Dog Flatulence?

The secret to preventing foul smelling canine flatulence is to figure out what is causing the problem in your dog.

Excessive amounts of air or gases in your dog’s stomach or intestines cause dog flatulence.

Some dogs seem to have more problems
with canine flatulence, than others!

Photo of a boxer who has canine flatulence

Where does the gas in dogs come from?

  • Food - The gas that causes dog farts can come from the breakdown of gas-producing foods, like beans, root vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, or onions. Even milk can cause the formation of gas for some dogs.

    Soy beans and soy products are very hard to digest for dogs, and if your dog’s food has soy in it, his dog food could be causing a problem.

    However, foods that cause severe flatulence in one dog may not cause gas in another, so you will have to do some experimenting with your dog.

  • Eating too fast - If your dog gulps down his food fast, he can also gulp down lots of air. A sure sign that this is happening, is your dog belching. If he is taking in too much air with his food, your dog will also have dog gas in his intestines.

    If your dog is a fast eater and he burps after meals, consider using a dog food bowl like this one.

  • Dog breed - Some dog breeds are more likely to have a problem with dog flatulence than others. Boxers and Doberman Pinschers are two examples of susceptible breeds.
  • Diseases - If your dog has liver disease, pancreatic disease or is obese, he will be more prone to gas attacks and canine flatulence.

Doberman Pinschers are prone
to having canine flatulence.

Doberman Pinschers are prone to having canine flatulence.

Zesty Paws Flatulence Preventer is a safe formula that WORKS!

How to Prevent
Dog Gas and Dog Farts

  • Make sure that you avoid the gas-producing foods listed above. Gas-producing foods will cause foul smelling canine flatulence in just about any dog.
  • Remove your dog's pet food after a while, if it is not gone. Fasting promotes good digestion and detoxification,
  • Check your dog's food. Dog flatulence can be resolved with a healthy diet, rich in raw or unprocessed food. Organic foods will not contain pesticides and herbicides which can also disturb your pet's system.
  • Keep food and water bowls clean and free of bacteria, etc.
  • Exercise your dog regularly. This helps keep her bowels and digestion normal and healthy.
  • Never give cat food to your dog if he is prone to gas, as it is very high in protein and meat, and will encourage dog flatulence.

    Better yet, you should never give cat food to a dog, anyway. It’s just not what he needs to be healthy!

The Gas Busters dog treat recipe below will help you fight this problem...

If you have kids or grandkids, you might want to have a little fun with them by getting them this cute little book.

It's a way to discuss the issue, but keep it on a lighter level, without sinking to the gross level that the topic of smelly flatulence often goes, with kids.

The book is a really popular children's book, and I think you'll find it entertaining--no matter how old you are!

Gas Busters Recipe

Gas Busters canine flatulence dog treats were created to help you solve the problem of dealing with your dog's smelly flatulence!

Dogs readily cooperate because they like the taste of these treats. And they ARE effective. In addition to Gas Busters, my Charcoal Dog Biscuits recipe also works to relieve dog flatulence.

Gas Busters dog treats for canine flatulence.

Gas Busters dog treats for canine flatulence

Gas Busters are a muted yellow color--they get their tint from turmeric, a natural substance, often used for food coloring and even for dyeing fabrics. Turmeric has a naturally vivid yellow color.

Ingredients for
Gas Busters for Canine Flatulence

Directions For
Gas Busters for Dog Flatulence

The directions for this canine gas treat are easy. I use the bread machine to simplify the process. However, you can also use your heavy duty mixer, with a dough hook.

  • Simply put everything into the bread machine in the order that your manufacturer suggests.
  • Use the “dough” setting. When your bell rings to tell you that the dough is done, remove the dough and divide it into 3 equal parts to make it easy to roll.
  • You will need to spread flour on the cutting board before rolling the dough, and you should sprinkle flour onto the rolling pin to keep it from sticking.
  • Roll each ball into a sheet that is about ¼” thick. For these treats, I use a cookie cutter that is a little longer than an inch. It’s a good size for most dogs.
  • Keep a bowl of flour nearby, and dip the cookie cutter into the flour each time you cut a cookie—to keep it from sticking.
  • Optional - It does take time to cut each cookie, so if you are pressed for time, just use a pizza cutter and cut the sheets of dough into 1” squares.
  • Place the cookies on a greased cookie sheet. Cover them with a clean towel and let them rise (in a warm place) for 30-60 minutes--until they get to be as big as you want them to be.
  • Bake at 275 degrees F for 1 hour. Turn off the oven and let the cookies sit in the oven for several hours or overnight to finish drying. When they are done, they will be hard and very crisp.
  • Gas Busters canine flatulence dog treats sure come in handy when the "need" arises. Enjoy!

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