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Carob Chips for Dog Treats

A Safe Chocolate Substitute

Carob chips or carob drops make a great chocolate substitute in homemade dog treats.

And, as good as carob drops taste, you'll also be adding healthy roughage and nutrition to your homemade dog treat recipes.

As you probably already know, chocolate can be harmful or even lethal to a dog who eats it.

And the problem is that dogs love the smell and taste of chocolate!

Carob drops have a natural sweetness and they are made from carob powder, barley malt, corn malt and lecithin. And they are shaped just like chocolate chips. They come in two versions—one with sugar and the other without sugar.

What's more--it takes a chocolaholic to tell the difference!

The chips with carob that I use in my dog treat recipes contain no sugar and they are actually quite good for your pet!

Carob drop cookies for dogs.

Carob chips make a good chocolate substitute for chocolate in dog cookies.

Carob drops look and taste similar
to chocolate chips!

Gourmet Treats for Dogs

In recent years, we have all taken to pampering our pets with gourmet type dog treats. Using carob drops in your homemade dog treats is a way to give your dog some special treats—without sacrificing nutrition and health.

Carob powder has been used as a healthy food, for centuries. And it’s just as good for dogs as it is for people.

Why not give your pet a special dog treat? Simply add a few carob drops to the next drop or bar cookies that you make for your dog—and see what a reaction you get!

You can buy some carob drops to use in dog treats (or cookies for yourself!) at Amazon..

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