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Carob Dog Treats Recipes

Try carob dog treats as a chocolate substitute for your healthy dog treats. Carob has healthy roughage and great nutrition, and it looks and tastes almost like chocolate!

I’ve put together a collection of easy homemade dog cookie recipes, made with carob powder, and I think you’ll find that they will be a hit with your best friend.

Dogs love chocolate, but chocolate can be deadly for them.

Give your dog the best of both worlds—try these carob flavored chocolate-like cookies for your favorite pet! They are safe AND delicious!

Here are some carob flavored dog treats recipes for dog cookies. They are about as close as you can get to having "chocolate" dog treats for your pet—but, without the worry!

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Dog Treat Recipes Using Carob

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Carob Cookie Cutter Cookies
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Carob Sandwich Dog Cookie recipe
Carob Chip Cookies Recipe
Carob Chip Cookies Recipe
Valentine Cookies for Dogs Recipe
Valentine Dog Cookies

Carob Powder for Dogs

Sometimes dogs use their instinct to sniff out and find natural herbs and plants that are good for them. It’s a kickback to when they lived in the wild.

But, this instinct doesn’t work with chocolate. Unfortunately, they are drawn to chocolate.

Carob powder dog cookies look like chocolate cookies.

Carob dog treats look like chocolate cookies.

Short on time? Using a carob dog treat mix will have you baking in just 5 minutes!

Even the best behaved dog will be sneaky when you leave the room—and he will grab the chocolate that you left lying on a table.

I understand this behavior. I must admit to being a chocoholic myself! And trust me, you can’t fool a chocoholic! We know our chocolates!

But, there is a good solution for dogs. Dogs aren’t nearly as discriminating as we are! Or, they just like unsweetened carob chips or carob powder as well as chocolate.

Carob dog cookies will satisfy the most discriminating chocolate lover!

What is Carob?

Carob is an excellent chocolate substitute for dogs.

Carob powder is naturally sweet, so you don’t have to add a lot of sugar to get a good taste, and it has a flavor that resembles chocolate. Not exact, mind you, but it is pretty close!

In addition, the carob powder adds a fair amount of roughage and lots of vitamins to your homemade "chocolate" dog treats.

Carob is almost a complete food. The Bible says that John the Baptist survived on just carob pods (also known as St Johns bread) while he lived in the desert and meditated, for many days.

So, a carob dog cookie, unlike a chocolate one, is actually GOOD for your dog.

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