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Chocolate Substitute for Dogs

Carob Powder

A chocolate substitute for homemade dog treats, like carob powder, can give your dog cookies a chocolate-like smell and taste, without the danger of chocolate.

Naturally sweet, carob has a chocolaty flavor that dogs love! And carob is absolutely safe for you to use in homemade dog treat recipes.

What is Carob?

Known by many names—locust beans, kibbled beans, carob pods, carob meal, locust meal, ribbled locust beans, St John's Bread—carob beans are grown on the tree shown in the photo at the bottom of this article.

Carob powder is ground from the pods of the evergreen carob tree, which grows in Mediterranean areas. The beans are selected and then roasted to the darkness desired. A natural product, it does not contain sweeteners or other additives.

Carob has a natural sweetness and contains very little fat, no caffeine, and it encourages the absorption of calcium.

Dogs naturally love chocolate
even though it is bad for them.

Dog who is eyeing a piece of chocolate cake

How is Carob Used?

Farmers, particularly in Europe, use it as an additive to livestock feed. Caomic contains sugars and tannins that give it a natural ability to prevent scouring (diarrhea) in young animals, a common problem on farms.

Carob powder has also proven to be effective at inactivating e-coli bacteria and promoting healthy intestinal bacteria. It is a natural solution to preventing stress related diarrhea in animals.

For people, carob powder or or carob chips are often used as a cocoa or sugar replacement. Or they are used as a substitute for chocolate, for people who are allergic to chocolate. Carob is a very cheap substitute for chocolate.

Carob is a healthy substitute for chocolate,
which is harmful to dogs.

Photo of carob pods hanging on a tree

Where Does Carob Come From?

Locust trees or carob trees have been grown in Mediterranean areas for thousands of years. Evergreens, they bear pods (or what look like long beans). The pods are harvested every year in September and October.

Still another name for carob is St Johns Bread. It is believed that John the Baptist survived in the desert by eating only carob pods. Talk about a healthy ingredient to use in your home made dog treat recipes!

Use Carob powder for a change in your homemade dog treats. Dogs and people) love it! And best of all, this wonderful chocolate substitute is as good for you (and your dog) as it tastes!

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Photo of carob pods by James Emery

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