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Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Halloween Dog Safety

Dangerous foods for dogs are everywhere on Halloween. Taking a few simple steps to limit what your dog eats, can keep her safe and healthy!

You can be absolutely sure that your dog’s treats are safe if you make them yourself, or if you buy them from a reputable source that only sells commercial dog treats that you trust.

Your dog is ready for trick or treat night. You have his Pet Costume. He's tried it out and it looks like he will wear it without complaints!

The kids are psyched! How can you have fun with your dog—and still keep her safe?

Halloween is great fun, but we
need to keep dog safety in mind!

Dog dressed in Halloween costume

Protect Your Dog
From Toxic Foods

Here are some common sense tips to protect your pet from foods that are dangerous to dogs:

  • Keep the treat bowl out of your dog's reach. Dogs can be sneaky, and your pet might help himself to the children's treats while you are talking to the goblins at the door.
  • When your children bring their “loot” home, have them sort the goodies on a table, out of reach of the family pet—not on the floor where he can help himself!
  • Remind your children to dispose of candy wrappers into a trash can that is out of reach for your canine friend.

    Paper or plastic wrappers smell good to your dog. However, they are dangerous foods for dogs and can wreak havoc with your pet's digestive system. He may think these are tasty treats, but he could end up with an intestinal blockage after eating a few wrappers.

Dog Poisoning

This is most likely to occur innocently. Foods that are safe for people are not always safe for dogs. Familiarize yourself with foods that are toxic to dogs and make sure that you don't let your dog have any of them!

These are the most dangerous foods that your dog is most likely to eat around Halloween:

  • Chocolate – Depending on the size of your dog (weight) and the amount of chocolate consumed, this can be a real emergency. Don't take this lightly. Take him to the vet if this occurs.
  • Walnuts – Walnuts are often found in people cookies and snacks. Walnuts are dangerous foods for dogs in that they may have a fungus or mold that can make your dog quite ill.
  • Macadamia nuts – These are also found in cookies, but might also be given to children in small snack packs.
  • Raisins - Veterinarians aren’t quite sure why grapes and raisins are harmful to both cats and dogs, but they do know that even a few of them can damage your pet’s kidneys!
  • Xylitol – Xylitol is a sugar substitute. This is most likely to be found in chewing gum, as most people don't worry about the sugar in candy that they give to children. Xylitol can cause a liver reaction in dogs that can lead to liver failure--in just a few days.

Keep Dog Safety in Mind
On Halloween

Halloween can be fun for everyone—children, adults and pets alike.

If you take a few easy steps to keep your dog safe, you will all enjoy the day.

And don’t forget that you can have fun making your own homemade dog treats like Halloween Peanut Butter Dog Treats.

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