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Dog Bakery Packaging Supplies

Dog bakery packaging supplies like paw print bags or dog bakery boxes are the finishing touch that makes your homemade dog treats special!

And you don’t have to be a dog bakery owner to use these cute packages. They help make your gifts of dog treats extra special, and they make great party favors for the guests at your dog’s birthday party.

Dog treats in pretty packages serve as a reminder of the fun that you and your dog had at the party.

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Dog Treat Packaging
How Important is It?

Have you ever thought about how much dog food packaging influences your opinion about an item?

If a friend gives you a clear plastic bag of dog treats, you would consider it to be a nice gesture, and of course, you would appreciate her efforts.

Dog bakery packaging supplies can turn
simple dog cookies into an elegant gift.

Frosted dog cookies in elegant dog bakery packaging.

But, think about how differently you might feel if she gave you the very same dog treats in a cute paw print bag—or, better yet, a little box with hearts on it, with a pretty red bow!

Dog bakery packaging supplies can make the difference between a ho-hum gift and a gift that blows the receiver away!

And, if you are selling your treats, you factor in your packaging costs. But, with fancy packaging, your homemade dog treats suddenly become even more valuable!

You can usually increase your price significantly—just because your dog treats present better to the customer, simply because they have fancy packaging.

In fact, you can often double or triple what you charge for your dog cookies. And that's because, even though they are the very same cookies, they look more expensive and more upscale in a fancy box or bag with a bow.

So, whether you are making dog treats for your dogs’ friends at Christmas, or you are selling your homemade dog treats, consider spiffing them up with some fancy dog treat bags or boxes!

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