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Dog Treat Fundraising Business

Fund Raising Merchandise Supply

A dog treat fund raising business is a way to leverage your dog cookie sales, by having other people sell your dog treats, while you do the baking.

Using this business model, your dog treat fundraising business will supply non-profit groups with dog treats from your pet bakery. It’s a win-win. The charity organizations make money, and you make money!

Many organizations like schools, sports teams, boy scouts and girl scouts have fund raisers from time to time. My experience is that they almost always sell overpriced products that I don't want.

You can offer these groups a quality product, your dog treats, that people do want and will pay to have.

Churches, youth groups and sports groups
often have fund raising drives.

Little girl selling dog treats as a fund raiser for her youth group.
Learn the dog bakery business easily
with this professional start-up guide!

Most of the time the people running the fundraiser are volunteers with no experience at professional fund raising—and they would be delighted to have fund raising ideas that would help them do a good job.

Why not offer your dog treats as a fund raiser? A large number of households have dogs, and many people that don’t have a dog, give someone elses dog a gift—for Christmas or other occasions…

Your Fund Raising Company

Your dog treat fundraising business will bake the dog treats and provide healthy homemade dog bakery treats to charity organizations who need to make money.

This is an especially good business model for people who don’t like to sell things. You will be marketing business-to-business (sort of), and you usually will only have to market to one person in the organization.

You will need a plan for marketing your products and finding the right people. After you have supplied dog treats to a few organizations, word of mouth will help your business grow.

There are two basic ways that you can handle distribution of your bakery dog treats:

Take Orders and Deliver Later

In this case you will need to provide some high quality brochures (full color) so the salesmen will have something to show their customers. If you skimp on your brochures and they are poor quality and look cheap, you won't get any orders. You won’t get a second chance.

Set a delivery date that gives you plenty of time to bake your dog treats. Deliver on time and make sure the quality is your best!

To deliver, you can ship by UPS, deliver in your van or have a member of the fund raising organization pick up their dog treat orders at your home.

Cash and Carry

This is cleaner and less hassle for you. The customer orders a quantity of dog treats (say 250 packs). You deliver and you get paid upon delivery. The organization sells the treats. Any leftover treats are theirs to deal with. Once you get paid, you are out of the picture.

Some organizations may not have the money to pay you upfront. You will have to decide whether you can provide them with dog treats and get paid later. In some cases, you might offer a deal where you get 50% upfront and the remainder when the dog treats are sold.

Dog Treat Fundraising Business Tips

Your dog treat fund raising company can make a lot of money. Here are some tips that will help you to be successful:

  • You are wholesaling - You will need to bake a large quantity of dog treats. And you will have to do this on a regular basis. You can’t just bake a large amount of dog treats, sell them and then quit marketing until you get another batch made. You need to have a constant inventory of dog treats and you need to keep marketing to get more business.
  • Inventory tracking system - You need to have a good tracking system for your inventory and for your orders. This book will provide the system for you!
  • Limit your selection - to 4-6 treats. This will save you time and money. You will use only a few ingredients (which you can order in quantity), and you will be able to bake a lot more treats if you keep things simple!
  • Pricing your treats - You are wholesaling to fund raising groups, and they need to make money, too. Keep your pricing reasonable. Typically a fund raising group will sell items for 4 times the price that they pay for them. Keep in mind the price that the group will be selling your dog treats for.
  • Website - Any business today needs a website. It lends credibility to your business and provides a way for your potential customers to learn more about your business. You can learn how to start your own website easily (just like this one) or have one built for you inexpensively.
  • Why are your dog treats special? - This is key to your success. Make sure you can tell someone why your dog treats will help make them money!

If you love to bake, but hate to sell, a dog treat fundraising business might be just the thing for you. Starting a fund raising company is not hard, and you will find that it can be a lot of fun!

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