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Dog Treat Icing Mix

Decorating Dog Cookies Just Got Easier!

Dog treat icing mix makes decorating your homemade dog cookies, super easy.

And those of us who are health-conscious pet parents can relax, because the mixes are sugar-free, gluten-free and fat-free!

In addition, if your dog has a favorite flavor, you can add your own flavoring, like ¼ cup of peanut butter or carob, to the mix.

The dog icing mixes below, are made to make sure that these homemade icing frosting mixes are safe and healthy for dogs.

Best of all, dogs just love the icing!

These cute dog treats were easy
to make, using a dog treat icing mix.

Cute lady bug dog treats frosted with dog treat icing mix.

Dog Treat Icing Mix
The Easy Way to Icing Dog Treats!

These dog treat frosting mixes are the absolute easiest way to make dog treat icing for dog cookies and treats. I love these mixes! Even my own dog treat icing recipes don’t compare to this great dog treat icing mix!

All you do is add water, stir and frost. And each mix can be used for dipping, spreading, drizzling, or piping, depending on how much water you add.

In addition, if you are starting your own pet bakery, you'll want to use mixes for your dog treat icing. You will save so much time, and, when you are in business, time is money!

Shiny Icing Mix has a number of advantages over homemade icing. This icing mix powder is sugar-free. When you make Royal icing from scratch, it’s almost ALL sugar!

This frosting mix uses a sugar free icing recipe, so you don’t have to worry about giving your dog (or your customer’s dogs) lots of sugar.

Another problem with making your own Royal icing, is that the icing dries (and hardens) so quickly that you really have to work fast. If you don’t work fast enough, you’ll end up with a hard glob of icing that will have to be thrown away. If you’ve ever used Royal icing, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

If your icing mix starts to harden too fast, simply add some water to thin it to the right consistency.

This royal icing will dry to a hard finish, and it will keep, un-refrigerated, for a year. It won't even melt in the summer, when it's hot!

Matte Finish Dog Treat Icing Mix - is dog treat icing that has a dull (not shiny) finish. You can choose which type you like best, depending on the look that you want your treats to have.

You can use it for spreading on a whole dog cookie, piping around the edges for accent, dipping your dog cookies, or for drizzling icing on top. The icing dries hard in less than 24 hours.

dog cake and dog treat icing mix

Perhaps you don’t have a lot of time to spend baking dog treats. Here’s an easy solution. You can use a dog cake mix and a dog frosting mix that take only a few minutes of your time.

This Puppy Cake Carob Cake Mix and Frosting (made with carob, for a chocolate flavor) is a favorite with the dogs. The doggie cake mix uses only an egg, vegetable oil and water, and you can bake it in your oven or you can microwave it on high for 6-7 minutes.

To make the dog treat frosting, you just add water. Spread the dog frosting on the cake, when it has cooled. Add any decorations like sprinkles or chopped peanuts, and you're done!

How to Decorate Your Homemade Dog Treats

Watch this demonstration on how to frost dog cookies.

If you have been looking for the perfect answer to easy icing recipes for dog treats, I think you’ve found it!

I am so excited about these dog cookie and cake icing mixes! They are so easy to use, and the companies that make them have worked hard, to solve the eternal problems that we all experience with dog treat icing.

I think we’ve found the perfect dog treat icing!

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