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Bouillon in Dog Treat Ingredients

What about bouillon in dog treat ingredients? A little chicken or beef bouillon will give your homemade dog treats a delicious meaty flavor.

Either Chicken or beef bouillon can be used to flavor your homemade dog treats. And dogs love the flavor of both!

The beef or chicken bouillon in my dog treat recipes, is the same kind that you may use in soups or stews for your family. You can buy dry cubes of bouillon, bouillon powder or canned liquid bouillon.

It’s OK to use either of these forms in your homemade dog treats; however, be aware that bouillon often contains onions and is usually quite salty. So, while you can use it for flavoring, do not be tempted to put extra bouillon into your dog’s homemade biscuits, as too much can be unhealthy.

Perhaps the most important decision to make, when using bouillon, is which flavor does your dog like best? That’s the kind to use first…

Bouillon can be used in dog
treat recipes, in small amounts.

Cans of bouillon for dog treat recipes

Using Bouillon in Dog Treats

Adding a teaspoon to a tablespoon of chicken or beef flavoring to a dog treat recipe will give you flavor, and also extend the shelf life of your homemade dog treats. Without meat, your dog treats should last for several months at room temperature, as long as they have been dried thoroughly.

Using bouillon instead of meat, eliminates the fats and the numerous body parts (or who knows what!) included in many dog and cat foods.

Because bouillon is made from meat or fish, this choice is not for vegetarians. If you are making vegan dog treats, you’ll have to substitute other healthy ingredients for dog treats, like dried vegetables or brewer’s yeast, for the bouillon flavoring.

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