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Cookbook Reviews

These dog treat recipe cookbook reviews will help you find the best dog cookbooks for homemade dog treats and dog food.

You’ll see reviews of the best dog cookbooks, with emphasis on quality healthy homemade dog treats and dog treat recipes that are easy to make at home.

Click on a link or picture below, to see the category of dog cookbooks that you are looking for…

 Dog Biscuit Recipes Cookbooks
Here is a nice selection of dog biscuit recipes cookbooks, so that you can choose the best cookbook to make your own homemade dog treats.

 Homemade Dog Treats Cookbooks
This collection of homemade dog treats cookbooks includes popular cookbooks that have all natural or human grade ingredients and flavors that dogs love.

 Easy Recipes for Kids ebook
36 very easy recipes, with just 4-6 ingredients. Written just for kids, this ebook teaches kids the basics of cooking, using recipes that your dog will love!

Bakery Dog Treats Cookbooks
This bakery dog treats cookbook collection features dog treat recipes from successful dog bakeries like the famous Three Dog Bakery.

 Natural Dog Food Recipes Cookbooks
I've gathered below a collection of the most popular and highest rated cookbooks that have natural dog food recipes.

Why Make Home Cooked Dog Food
And Home Made Dog Treats?

Making your own home made dog treats has become quite popular! And people make dog treats for their pets, for different reasons.

Having the right kitchen tools
makes life easier for you!

Photo of dog treat cookbook and measuring cups and spoons

  • Recalls - Some people have started baking dog treats because of the many dog food and dog treat recalls. When you make your own dog food and dog treats, you control the safety of the ingredients that you use.
  • Healthy lifestyle - Others are concerned about nutrition and making sure that their dog gets a healthy diet.
  • Special needs - Some pet parents are baking treats because their dog has a special diet, due to weight gain or a health condition that requires extra nutrients or avoiding certain foods. Examples of this would be a no-grain diet, a diabetic diet, a diet for arthritis or a hypoallergenic diet for dogs with allergies.
  • Dogs with taste - Another reason that dog owners bake home made dog treats is to make treats with the ingredients that their dogs like. Some dogs are peanut butter addicts. Others love carrots or sweet potatoes. And there are some dogs that will go nuts over anise! Pleasing your dog is fun, and baking for him is a great way to please him.
  • Just for fun - Of course there are some pet owners who bake dog treats for their dogs, simply because they love to bake, or because it’s great fun to bake for your dog. Dogs, as you know, are quite appreciative of your efforts. And I’ve never known one to refuse a dog treat because it wasn’t done exactly to his taste!

As you can see, there are many reasons to bake for your dog.

Whatever your reason for cooking for your dog, I’m sure that you’ll have fun—and so will your dog!

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