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Dogs and Bananas

Are Bananas Good for Dogs?

Dogs and bananas just seem to go together, and banana dog treats are a good way to give your dog the benefits of fruit, in a fun way!

Banana treats for dogs give your pet the benefits of fruit and enhance the nutrition of your homemade dog treats!

Consider using bananas in your next batch of healthy homemade dog treats!

Even little puppies love bananas!
Photo of cute puppy with bananas

Benefits of Bananas

In addition to being tasty, bananas help to keep your dog healthy. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Potassium - This helps protect against strokes and potassium also helps keep your dog’s blood pressure under control.
  • Magnesium - Magnesium is calming and it also help keep blood pressures normal.
  • Bowel regularity - Bananas can help to keep your pet’s bowel habits regular. They contain a large amount of fiber, and ironically have been used to correct problems with both diarrhea constipation.
  • Vitamin C - Bananas are high in vitamin C.
  • Easily digested - Bananas are easy to digest, even if your dog has a finicky stomach. Bananas are often given to human babies as their very first solid food.

Fresh bananas can be used in homemade dog treats, and they can be extra ripe and soft, but they should not be spoiled. If you don’t eat a bunch of bananas fast enough, you can freeze them in plastic bags and use them later in dog treats.

Of course, if your dog is like my dog Skipper, you can skip making banana dog treats today and just share some of your banana with her! She will be just as happy.

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