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Donuts for Dogs
Homemade Dog Treats

Donuts for dogs are homemade dog treats that look like the donuts that you buy at Dunkin’ Donuts or your local bakery. These doggie donuts are made from wholesome ingredients and topped with a yogurt icing.

While you probably don’t want to offer gourmet dog treats with frosting to your dog on a regular basis--they are perfect for dog birthday parties, gift giving, and for special holiday get-togethers.

Doggie Donuts are cute as a button, and these yummy home-made dog treats will be a conversation starter, wherever you take them!

Most of us try to give our dogs healthy and nutritious dog treats to supplement their healthy dog diet. Making homemade dog treats, gives you control over the quality and kinds of ingredients used--and still lets you bake awesome gourmet dog treats.

Once in awhile, though, you can give your dog a cookie or two that has dog treat icing on it…

A little icing on donuts for dogs
will make them look almost like real donuts!

This donuts for dogs recipe make cute little donut dog treats.

Frosting Donuts for Dogs

One question that many people ask is "What do you use for dog treat icing?" That’s a difficult one to answer.

You could use Royal Icing and just coat the donuts lightly. Royal Icing is a "people" icing that gets really hard. It’s most often used on cookies or to decorate cakes. It does, however, contain a fair amount of sugar.

On the other hand, when I was making a decision about what to use on my homemade dog cookies for Natural Pet Bakery, I wanted to keep the dog frosting for my donuts for dogs, as sugar-free as possible.

I finally decided to use a white yogurt coating, which is used to coat food like pretzels—and it is a natural ingredient with less sugar than most of the other options I found.

Today, however, there is an even BETTER choice available--commercial dog treat icing in the form of dog treat icing mixes which contain NO sugar!

Enjoy the recipe! The recipe makes about 24 donuts for dogs.

Divider with dog bones

Ingredients for
Doggie Donuts

Directions For
Dog Donut

  • Place all the ingredients in your bread machine or mix them with your mixer, using a dough hook.
  • When the dough is ready, divide it into 3 pieces.
  • Sprinkle flour onto a cutting board.
  • Roll the dough into ½” sheets
  • Using a donut cutter, cut the donuts. Make sure you dip the cutter into flour in between donuts, as it can stick to the donuts easily—and get pretty messy!
  • Place the donuts on a greased baking sheet.
  • Let them rise for 45-60 minutes, or until they are close to doubled in size.
  • Bake at 300 degrees F for about an hour.
  • Turn off the oven and let them continue to dry overnight. They should be hard to the touch, with no “give” when you gently push on them.
  • Ice the donuts with yogurt coating.
  • Top with colored sprinkles or bulghur.

Of course you will want to make your bakery dog treat donuts look festive. The photo above shows some sprinkles on top of the yogurt coating.

If you wanted to use all natural ingredients, you might consider sprinkling bulgur or flax seeds on top.

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