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Energy Bunnies Healthy
Dog Treat Recipe

This Energy Bunnies healthy dog treat recipe is based on the famous Cornell bread recipe which was developed by Clive M McCoy (a professor of animal nutrition at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York) to improve the nutrition of people in the slums of New York.

Research at Cornell University has confirmed that the bread recipe is indeed nutritious and healthy.

These healthy dog biscuits are especially great for working or hunting dogs.

You'll soon be adding this dog treat recipe to your collection of healthy dog treats recipes!

Energy Bunnies are Healthy Dog Treats

Energy Bunnies healthy dog treat recipe

Healthy Treats for our Pets

In my search for nutritious dog treat recipes, I discovered the original Cornell bread recipe.

Interestingly, Professor McCoy discovered that the dogs in his laboratory, who ate the new formula bread, lived twice as long as those who did not.

It seems that the recipe is a natural for health dog treats! So I adapted it for ease of baking and to make smaller portions in the form of dog cookies.

Instead of using unbleached white flour, my version used whole wheat flour, adding roughage, vitamins and minerals to the homemade dog treats.

In addition, soy flour provided amino acids that are not present in either unbleached white or whole wheat flours. The two flours—whole wheat and soy--combined to yield a complete protein.

These cute bunnies can be served plain or decorated
for Easter with colorful dog treat icing.

Cute bunnies made with this energy bunnies healthy dog treat recipe.

Energy Bunnies Recipe

You can make these energy cookies, using a bunny cookie cutter or a bunny face cookie cutter.

Energy Bunnies home made dog treats should help to keep your pet recharged for his next rigorous activity!

Divider with dog bones

Ingredients for
Homemade Dog Cookies

Directions For
Healthy Dog Treats

  • Place all the ingredients in your bread maker.
  • Set the bread maker to the dough cycle.
  • When the dough is finished, remove it from the bread maker and divide it into 3 parts.
  • Roll each dough ball into a sheet that is ¼” thick.
  • Using cookie cutters, cut your bunnies and place them onto a lightly greased cookie sheet.
  • Bake the dog treats at 300 degrees F for 45-60 minutes. When they are done, they will be lightly browned.
  • Turn off the oven and let the dog treats dry overnight in the oven.
  • you can store these homemade dog treats in a dog cookie jar for several months.

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