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Free Business Advertising
for your Dog Bakery

These free advertising ideas are quick and easy, and they can help you stretch your budget dollars, especially when you are just starting your dog treat bakery business.

However, don’t be deceived into thinking that you won’t have to spend a single cent on advertising, because, as you already know, there is no free lunch!

Here's your chance to learn what WORKS,
from professionals in the pet industry!

There are, however, a number of ways to get publicity, without spending a lot of money. The methods that you choose will depend a lot on your style and what you are comfortable doing.

Some marketing methods will cost something up front, but they will keep on working for years.

Others, while they may appear to be free, will cost you time, and your time IS worth money!

The free advertising ideas below can help you get started in your bakery business, and they will help you keep your bakery’s name out in the community, in front of your customers and potential customers.

Don’t waste the advertising space
on your van or car.

Your van or car can provide free advertising for your business.

Dog Bakery Business Marketing

Here are some ways to get low cost or free advertising. Each has its benefits and down sides.

  • Car or van advertising - Magnetic signs or vinyl advertising is inexpensive, and can provide years of free business advertising.

    Think of your car or truck as a moving billboard. It will get a lot of attention when you are driving around, and people will also notice it—even when it is sitting in a parking lot.

    • Don't forget a small sign for the rear of your car or truck. You never know when potential customers will be following your car, and a sign will really get noticed when you're sitting in a traffic jam and there’s nothing to do but read your sign...
    • Use your moving billboard to do errands, pick up the kids from school, go to church, make deliveries, etc. That way you'll get maximum exposure.
    • When you are not using the vehicle, park it in a prominent place, where passing traffic can see it.
    • If you don't live or work on a busy street, ask a local business owner if you can park your vehicle on their (busy street) parking lot. Often they will agree to allow you do this--especially overnight or on weekends, when they are not open.

    T shirts can advertise
    your dog bakery business.

    T shirts can advertise your dog bakery business.

  • T shirts - T shirts attract attention and people do notice them. Wear them as part of your bakery uniform or just wear them when you and your family are out and about in the community. Here is where I get my business t-shirts.
  • Local newspaper - Small town newspapers are always looking for news for their papers. Your local newspaper may be delighted to run a story about your new business’s success, or the Grand Opening of your dog bakery. A story in a newspaper lends credibility to your business, and it will get results!

    If you provide the newspaper with a well written story, that has lots of facts in it, the editors are more likely to use the material. Pictures always help, too. Check with the paper for their photo requirements. Send your article to more than one newspaper, as not everyone will be interested in running your story.

  • Your bakery labels - Think of your bakery labels as little advertising reminders for your customers. Bakery labels are not free, but they are required, by law. Make yours distinctive, so that your customers will remember you…
  • Business cards - Always have business cards with you, wherever you go. They are great (and inexpensive) marketing tools that people will keep for months.

Get professional tips for marketing your Dog Bakery Business, from leaders in the Pet Industry. Proven methods that work...Download your dog bakery guide Now.

Free advertising ideas for your Dog Bakery can be fairly simple. But, make no mistake-- marketing your dog bakery is necessary.

Word of mouth is wonderful, and it is absolutely the BEST kind of advertising that there is--but it can take years for the grapevine to develop.

You need to take positive steps to get the word out about your pet bakery business—now!

After you have read about free advertising ideas, what do you want to see next?

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