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Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

Healthy dog treat recipes for those specialty homemade dog treats that treat everything from dog flatulence to dog bad breath.

If you are cutting costs but still want to give your dog the best dog treats possible, these home-made dog treats can help you get started.

Specialty Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

This section is where I’ve placed the special home-made dog treats that are usually not found online. The ones that you might order for your dog, if she has a medical condition or an emergency, like eating chocolate.

Because you never know when you’ll need to give your dog a healthy dog treat quickly, I like to keep some of each of these healthy dog treats, on hand.

Each all natural dog treat in this section has been made with quality ingredients. Especially when your dog is in an emergency situation, he should have the best treats available to help get him through it.

Charcoal Dog Biscuits
Charcoal Dog Biscuits Recipe
Gas Busters for Canine Flatulence
Gas Busters for Canine Flatulence
Dog Dental Treats Recipe
Dog Dental Treats Recipe

All Natural Flea Control Biscuits
All Natural Flea Control Biscuits
Dog Bad Breath
Dog Bad Breath
Ginger Dog Biscuit Recipe for Dog Nausea
Ginger Biscuits for Dog Nausea

Activated Charcoal Uses
Activated Charcoal Uses

Perhaps the most important of these healthy dog treat recipes is the Charcoal Dog Treats. Every now and then, I hear a story about a dog that consumed something harmful—everything from Aleve to chocolate. Charcoal dog treats can start the detox process, on the way to the animal hospital.

Because I know that, in most cases of dog poisoning, the vet will use activated charcoal and then an IV, giving your dog Charcoal biscuits could buy you time and save your dog’s life.

This Weimaraner enjoys healthy homemade dog treats.

Healthy dog treat recipes for dog treats that this Weimaraner is eating.

What to Look For in
Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

Of course there are many healthy dog treats on the market, and there are many healthy dog treat recipes for you to make. How can you tell if a recipe or dog treat will be good for your dog?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Freshness of ingredients – whether the dog treat will be soft and raw, or cooked and hard, make sure the ingredients that you use are fresh, and not questionable…
  • Your dog’s health - Your dog may be healthy and strong, or she may have a medical condition. Consider your dog’s state of health and any special needs that she may have, when choosing a dog treat.
  • Your dog’s age - Is your dog a puppy or is she getting up in age? In either case, your dog will have certain nutritional needs. Dog treats can help you meet these needs.
  • Your dog’s favorite foods - If you are making your own dog treats, you can add flavors or ingredients that your dog likes. If you are buying them, look for the ones that she likes.

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