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Peppermint for Dogs

Dog Nausea and Bad Breath

Peppermint for dogs can be used for dog bad breath and to prevent or relieve dog nausea. Do you know which kind is safe to use?

Mint and dogs seems like an unlikely combination, but dogs in the wild, find and eat natural herbs like mint to cure nausea and other digestive conditions.

Mint, with its square stem and beautiful oval leaves, is easy to grow. There are many different kinds of mints; however, peppermint is most commonly used medicinally.

Mint is an herb that has been around for hundreds of years, and it has stood the test of time. The use of mint actually goes back to the ancient Romans and Greeks.

The English started cultivating mint and using it medicinally in the mid-1700s. Americans soon followed, and today, the United States grows more peppermint than any other country in the world.

Peppermint for dogs is a healthy
ingredient to homemade dog treats.

Photo of peppermint leaves

You can purchase peppermint here.

Uses for Peppermint

Herbalists today recommend peppermint leaves for motion sickness, congestion, headache, heartburn, fever and sleeplessness.

German health authorities recognize mint as a remedy for irritable bowel syndrome, a condition that includes symptoms like abdominal pain or cramping, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation.

Dried mint can be added to dog treat ingredients for dog biscuits or dog cookies to help dogs with the following conditions:

  • Dog nausea
  • Bad breath in dogs
  • Canine flatulence
  • Dog motion sickness

Is Mint Safe for Dogs?

Dried mint, used in dog treats, is perfectly safe and healthy for your dog. A good approach is to use up to ¼ cup of dried mint in your favorite dog treat recipe.

However, DO NOT substitute menthol or mint extract for dried mint leaves, as these are too concentrated and can be harmful to your dog.

Peppermint oil, in its concentrated form, can actually cause heartburn or acid reflux, and it can irritate your dog's skin if it is applied externally.

Additionally, you should not give your dog commercial breath mints meant for people. They may have harmful levels of menthol or mint extract in them—and many have artificial sweeteners that can also be toxic to dogs.

So, the bottom line is that peppermint is safe for your dog as long as you stick to the dried leaves and not the concentrated peppermint oil or extract.

If you add a tablespoon to a ¼ cup of dried leaves to your favorite dog treat recipe, you will add nutrition and help keep your dog’s breath fresh.

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