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Rice for Dogs

Brown Rice and Rice Bran

Try using rice for dogs in your dog treat recipes. Often used in dog food ingredients and dog treat ingredients, brown rice or rice bran can boost the nutrition of your homemade dog treats.

Rice is a fair source of protein and a good source of vitamins and minerals. It has practically no fat and very little sodium.

Rice is also an excellent complex carbohydrate that will satisfy hunger, but with very few calories--so your dog will not gain a lot of weight when she eats rice.

Did you know that over half the world's population virtually lives on rice?

It's true. People in over half the world, grow rice and understand that it has precious nutrients to sustain and heal them.

Because rice is quite inexpensive, many people, who don't make much money, are able to live on a rice based diet.

Brown rice and rice bran are healthy for dogs.

Dog with chopsticks, ready to eat rice

Is Brown Rice Good for Dogs?

Besides being a source of healthy nutrients, brown rice is often found in food preparations for dogs with allergies.

Brown rice and white rice are not the same. White rice has been stripped of the healthy rice bran, while brown rice has all of its nutrients intact.

Often rice is combined with lamb or other foods that are unlikely to produce an allergic reaction, as you’ll see in Wysong Anergen Canine Dry Diet, a dog food made especially for dogs with allergies.

Rice has also been used successfully in human diets, including the famous Duke University's “Rice Diet”. The diet was designed to improve the health of people with heart disease, but an extra benefit was the loss of weight.

Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

Rice is non-allergenic in that it does not contain gluten. That makes it perfect for those homemade hypoallergenic treats!

In addition, rice is highly digestible, making it the perfect choice for a dog who has digestive difficulties.

But, there is even more to this interesting dog food ingredient. Brown rice bran contains quite a bit of fiber, and rice also contains selenium. Both help to stave off cancer, selenium being particularly important in preventing both lung and skin cancers.

Try substituting ¼ to ½ cup of rice flour or rice bran for the flour in your favorite homemade dog treats recipe. Or, if you have a dog with allergies, use rice flour as the main ingredient in your home made dog treats.

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