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Start a Home Party Business

Have Fun Making Money!

Start a home party business for your dog bakery and have fun while you make money!

Starting a home party business is inexpensive, and it is one of the quickest ways to get your pet bakery business started.

If you have a limited, and you need to start earning money fast, a home party business could be the best choice for your dog treat business.

Can a Home Party Plan Really Work?

Absolutely! In fact, I started my own party plan business years ago, selling craft items and home décor that I made at home on my sewing machine. I sold everything from teddy bears and dolls, to Christmas decorations.

How did I do it? I simply modeled my business, The Country Craftsman after home party systems that I had seen. It was easy, and you can do it too!

Home party systems are all similar in design. You can take the basic structure for a home party plan and adapt it to selling almost any product—including your homemade dog treats.

While you can do it yourself, like I did.

When you start a home party business,
you meet new people and have fun.

When you start a home party business, you meet new people and have fun.

Advantages of a Home Party Business

Inexpensive to Start

You can start this business on a shoestring. After you have met all the government requirements for your dog treats, you can easily start having home parties with a minimum amount of money!

You Control Your Business

When people attend a home party, they expect to buy something. After a few parties, you will be able to estimate how much each attendee will spend. This will give you a way to estimate your earnings. More parties = more money. Fewer parties = less money.

If you want to build a business with greater profits, you can build a team of people who will do the parties for you. You continue to earn a portion of everything that your team sells.

The markup on dog treats is high, guaranteeing that you will make a nice profit. If you include some cute gourmet dog treats (perhaps with dog treat icing) in fancier packaging, you can charge even more for your dog biscuits and cookies.

Seasonal Business

If you have children who will be at home during the summer months, you can take the summer off to be with your kids.

Like other retail businesses, home party businesses can expect to have their best sales between September and the middle of December. You will make the most money during that time, as people will buy gifts for other people’s dogs, in addition to dog treats for their own dogs.

Home Party Business Tips

Here are some ideas that will help your business:

  • Include some gourmet dog treats, to encourage higher sales.
  • Make the party fun, with games—and give sample dog treats to the winners.
  • When you start a home party business, you need a website. People who can’t attend the party may order dog treats from your website, giving the hostess more sales.

    If you don’t know how to build a website, you can use the system that I use for this site, SBI (Site Build-it). Or, if you don’t have the time to learn how to do it yourself, SBI can build a site for you, very inexpensively.

  • Cash and Carry – Bake and package your dog biscuits ahead of time. This simplifies your life, as you won’t need to fill orders and deliver dog treats on a schedule. Multiple parties and multiple orders can quickly become confusing. Keep it simple!
  • Keep the ball rolling. Line up as many parties as possible. Bake ahead and dehydrate your dog treats completely. Keep your inventory stocked.
  • Have printed invitations. Postcards work well. Explain your dog treat party clearly, so your hostess doesn’t have to…
  • Offer incentives - to both guests and your hostess. Perhaps you could give a gift to guests who order over $X. Your hostess should receive something special for booking another party, for selling over $Y, and for booking another party for herself.

If you choose this business model for your dog bakery, simply design your business to include some of the features that you have seen in home parties that you have attended. As your business grows, you can tweak some of your ideas to meet your needs.

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